Cocoa sustainability in Ghana and Ivory Coast: the role of green financing


  • Muafueshiangha Ibrahim Menkeh


Cocoa Sustainability, green financing, Ghana, Ivory Coast


The purpose of this study is to evaluate Cocoa sustainability in Ghana and Ivory Coast while employing the mediating role of green financing. For the researcher to achieve this, a simple random sampling technique was adopted in selecting 50 respondents as the sample size from each country (Ghana and Ivory Coast). The researcher collected data from a well-structured questionnaire using an online survey. Data analysis was done using SPSS to produce descriptive statistics and inferential statistics (Independent T-test). The study found significant difference in mean cocoa sustainability response between Ghana and Ivory Coast. It was recommended that favourable existing legal framework and policy needs to be implemented to actuate all value chain actors since higher cocoa productivity often entails higher costs for farmers in both countries.




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