• Mona Hassan


According to the education for sustainable: A road map (Aurélia Mazoyer, 2020) We must learn what we live, and we live what we learn.”. The method of Education must modify to evoke the environmental crisis such as the earth warming and the decline of biodiversity. After studying the 17 the author find the SDG (4) quality of Education will lead to attain the 17 goals. The key to sustainable development is human. If we build a strong and sustainable brain to our kids and child in elementary school, for sure this information will be embedded for all over their life. The author in this paper focus on the elementary school. Cognitive skills according to (Dale H. Schunk, 1989) develop very fast in the first few years of the elementary school. The author would like to profit from the behaviour of child in elementary school. They ask a lot of questions and it’s normal they try to discover the world. Teacher or trainer should give them the initiative to ask and listen to them carefully. The child in this case will be very attentive to the reply of his or her question. Also, he will be proud that the teacher pay attention to the question and by this way it is the opportunity of teacher to feed the correct information. Sustainable education in elementary school should focus on open door class, observation, trips in nature to puch the childs to discover the environment we live.




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