• Rajesh Kumar Saxena


The advent of 5G/IoT technologies is being hailed as the premise of building the
next industrial revolution and is being termed as Industry 4.0 which will impact the
incumbents in unprecedented ways. The potential of Internet of Things (IoT) along with
the converging technologies like cloud computing and 5G is being forecasted as a
disruption wave that will spur innovation and can change the boundaries of industries.
While the incumbents are bracing for this change, lot of uncertainty remains with
regards to the prevalence of competitive business models, adoption of cloud services and
engagement of the Ecosystem. The goal of this research is to enable organizations to
position themselves well to provide adequate response to the 5G/IoT disruption wave.
The research proposes analysis and synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data of
existing theory, empirical data collected from 5G/IoT Ecosystem participants,
manufacturers, researchers, and consultants, along with testing the framework in case
study conducted in real life setting of such incumbents.
The research proposed to achieve this by explaining the causal relationship of
three variables: the prevalence of competitive business models, adoption of cloud
services to proliferate IoT offerings and engagement of the Ecosystem – that examine the
research title – “Adequate Response Framework to 5G/IoT technologies disruption for
The outcome of the research is an Adequate Response Framework that will help
the incumbents to leverage 5G/IoT/Cloud technology convergence. It consists of an
Innovation model that helps incumbents understand the key changes that are needed for
each Influential Force and Research Dimension. Another aspect of this framework is the
inclusion of a Decision Model that consists of core tenets and guidelines that helps
incumbent understand how to realign the Influential forces to ensure that they leverage
the technology advancements. Research has also developed a quad-classification model
for incumbents to assess their maturity in terms of innovativeness in face of 5G/IoT
technologies wave.




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